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Lost Elements
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Eve's Point fo Veiw

This is the story, so far, in Eve's point of veiw.

In this story, Eve is twelve. She has gray eyes and black hair to her mid-back. She is also very pale and loves to read, write, and play!

Eve grew up in a small house near the woods. She and her two friends, both boys, have had fun there. Now, what happenes when the venture to far?

Fire, Wind, Earth, and the Lost Elements


Chapter 1: The Beginning

It all started at a young age. Tosh was 11, Amber was 14, and I, Eve, was 12. The strange stuff, actually, started a year before that.

Tosh's parents had split up. His mom left the state. Then, his dad adopted us. I had told Amber that I was scared.

On my eleventh birthday, Amber tried to blow the candles out on our cake, and the whole thing caught on fire. She also got mad and set the forest on fire. Poor forest...

Oh, and all of our birthdays are on the same day, but diffrent years. This was the reason Tosh's dad adopted us.

For our birthday, Amber got a lamp that looked like fire came from it. I got a plant and Tosh got a fan. The fan blew Tosh's room into a mess because it was so strong. But that was a year ago.

For our next birthday, we each got precious stones. Tosh's was clear, mine was a blue-green color, and Amber's was a red-orange color.

I found out about my powers that year. I love nature, and was sad for the forest, when it regrew. Tosh and Amber stared at me, shocked.

Tosh's way was scary. He had a cold, sneezed, and caused a hurricane.

A while later, dad was struck by a car and put in the hospital. Later, he died. Tosh took it the hardest. He was related and was the youngest. Amber took it the lightest. She was older and, it seemed, darker.

A month later, we were kicked out of the house. We didn't have enough money to pay the bills. We ended up in an orphanage. Amber was always angry, Tosh was sad, and I was afraid.

Amber was always avoiding people, and Tosh was always hiding in a corner. I tried to talk to people.

Then, something bad happened. About two months after we came to the orphanage, someone went up to Amber. I was just in hearing range.

"Hello, Amber." some boy said.

"Good-bye." she said. I think she tried to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist.

"That wasn't very nice, Amber." he said, angrily. She spun to face him.

"Let go of my wrist." She said, mad.

"Why?" he asked.

"Let go, or you will regret it!" She said, seriously.

"Oh, I'm so scared!" he said, sarcastically.

"Amber, don't!" I said, but I was to late. Shortly after that, the boy burst into flames. I was terrified, and could do nothing. Tosh pulled her away.

"Amber!" Tosh yelled, as he smacked her.

"Sorry. I-I-I didn't mean to. I-I..." She didn't finish.

"I'll take care of this." Tosh said as he caused a strong wind to put out the fire. The boy got second degree burns, but he would heal. The police searched Amber for matches, a lighter, anything that could start the fire, but couldn't. I was really scared of her health. Then, one day, the accident happened.

"Poor Amber." Tosh said.

"Poor Amber?! You mean poor Jake! She burned him alive. Almost killed him. Then got rid of the evidence. She's a cold-blooded killer! Attempt of murder! She should go to jail!" Shaina, the oldest girl, said.

"Enough of this!" Tosh and I said in unison.

"Why are you standing up for her?" someone asked.

"She's our sister." I said.

"What?!" the lunch lady asked.

"What's wrong about that?" Tosh asked, angrily.

"Nothing. It's just... somehow, there's a fire in her room everytime I go to give her food. But then, it goes out when I come in." she said. Amber came in the room. Everyone but Tosh and I staired at her. I saw how she looked, unhealthy. She was much paler than normal, her eyes didn't shine like they used to and her hair was thin and, what looked like, dead.

"Tosh, Eve, we're leaving. Let's go." She said.

"See, she's fleeing so she can't get arrested for attempt of man slauter!" someone screamed. Amber rolled my eyes. I got scared.

"I'm going 'cause I don't belong. I never have, never will, never planned to." She said, which scared me even more. Was she planning something? I asked myself.

" You know what? No one cares." the older guy, Harold, said. Amber slammed her hands on the table and stared into his eyes, close to his face.

"If you don't like how I look, don't look at me. If you don't like the way I speak, don't listen to me. If you don't like the way I act, stay away from me. But, I don't care if you don't like me, don't insult me." She said. I knew trouble was coming.

"Let's go. Tosh, get our stuff. Eve, head for the door." She ordered us. We did as told. Amber came back, with some kids I knew, and we waited outside for trouble to come.

"Eve, Tosh, step back." She said. Once again, we did as told.

"Amber..." I started. Amber set her hands on the door and watched as the orphanage burned to the ground. I was terrified as I heard the lound screams of agony. The shine returned to her eyes. For some reason, fire makes her happy.



Chapter 2: What About...

"Amber!!!" I yelled at her.

"What?" She asked, innocently.

"How could you?" Tosh asked, sounding like an adult.

"What about the kids?" I asked. Amber went over to the kids and explained to them that we were going to help them find families. Some began to walk away, some began to cry.

"Please stop crying." Amber said.

"I want my sister!" some cried.

"It will be okay." Tosh said.

"I want a family!" others cried.

"And you will get one." I promised.

There were fifteen kids, so we decide to take five each. I got a group of two girls and three boys. I noticed them as kids I was trying to talk to. There was Jacob who was eleven, had shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and was the loud-mouth. Then there was his sister, Samantha, who was ten, had blonde hair to her hips, brown eyes, and was the smarty-pants. There was Christy who was twelve, had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was the preppy girl. There was also John who was eleven, had short blonde hair, hazel eyes, and was the bad-boy. Then, last but not least, there was Sean. He was twelve, had short black hair, gray eyes, and was the innocent guy.

They all stood in a group, talking. I walked over, and they all stared at me. I was nervouse and scared.

"So, what do we do?" Samantha asked, looking at me.

"Who says we have to listen to this bitch?"John asked.

"Guys, just listen, and think, what would her sister do to us if we did not listen?" This came from Sean. He was smart, I realized. Thought things through. But saying this made all the kids shudder. I started to walk, and all but John followed.

"I am NOT going to go look for a house with the sister of a murderer!"he yelled. I turned back, now angry.

"Suit yourself." I said, "But when Amber comes to ask where all the kids went, and I tell her you did not follow, I bet she will burn up this city looking for you." When he still did not follow, and I tried to hold this back, beleive me, I let out my rage. Vines wipped around his throat. He could not breath. Then, Sean stopped me. He looked me staight in the eyes and told me that we had to get moving. I notice that we had about an hour until the sun set, so we started off. John kept muttering something about a freak show, but I paid him no mind.

We got to a house the looked decent, and when we knocked, a sweet old lady awnsered. I asked her if she would like to adopt a child to help her get around, and she chose Christy. Christy looked at me, and I knew that she was thankful. We left that house and went next door, but not after Christy and Samantha hugged. At the house next door, a couple awnsered. I asked them if they would like to adopt a few kids for a lovely family. They chose Jacob and Samantha. That left me with Sean and John. I knew it would be hard to get rid of John, but we had plenty of time. Now, Sean, I did not know about him. He was so quiet and innocent. I still wonder, to this day, why no one wanted him. Now I know why.

We went to the next four houses, but they all were empty. Then we came to 'the' house. At first I felt like passing it up, but John was interested. The house was painted black, unlike all the other white houses on the block. The window shades were pulled. The car in the drive way was smashed.

As we walked to the door, I heard foot steps from inside. I was terrified. John knocked on the door, and a teenage female anwsered the door. I asked her if she was eighteen or over, and it was her eighteenth birthday that day. I asked her if she would like to adopt a kid, and she said these exact words.

"Kids to me, seem worthless, for I once was a kid. I had gone through a lot of pain and misery, but then I realized that life, itself, is a waste of time." After I looked at her, confused, she said she would take 'that voodoo kid' also known as John.

That left me with Sean. It was already dark, so we started to walk to were I was to meet the others. They were not there, so we sat on a bench in the park. Thats when I found out why no one took Sean.

"I know that your sister, Amber, has the power of Fire. And that you have the power over Nature. You brother, Tosh, he has the power over Wind. I know that because of how he put out that fire. Does that not make you wonder why he did not put the orphanage fire out? Well, I am like you guys. I know the whole story. I have power over metal." he finished. It hit me like a ton of bricks. He knew. He even knew the WHOLE story. I wanted to know it right away.

"I do not know the whole story. Would you be so kind as to tell me it?" I asked, as nice as could.

"Sure. Well, the story goes that way back, before they realized the earth was round, they found a tunnel of undergound wizards. Well, the men were not like your normal wizard. They were practacing on mastering the elements. There were alot of them. When the people of the town that they lived under found out, they set out to kill them. When they realized that they were to die, they sent out there powers to unknown people that would live hundreds of years later. The wizards were smart. Well, those people are now alive. Some have already mastered there elements. Some are just realizing it. Well, some are bad. We need to master in our elements and defeat these people. They need to be defeated. We already have four at the least. Anyone else could be an elemental. From an old lady at one house to a couple at another. Will you help me, Eve?" His question was stuck in my head. What am I to tell the others? I asked myself. Maybe they already knew. Who knew? Well, now they were coming.



Chapter Three:Welcome the new Elemantals

"So, you guys are elementals, too?" I asked. Amber nodded. Tom knew what I was talking about.

"What is his element?" I asked, then wished I hadn't. Everything around me went black. I was terrified. I started to freak. Everything came back to me, and Amber was laughing.

"Darkness, if you haven't guessed, kid." he said.

"I knew that." I said, even though I was lying. Then Amber asked a question that I knew the awnser to, but I wanted to see what Sean did.

"What is his element?" she asked.

"Mine? Wanna guess?" he asked this question as the metal on the bench started to melt. I looked at Amber, and saw a look of confusion on her face.

"Metal!" I said. Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Oh, I thought he had fire, like me. Ha!" Amber said, scraching the back of her head. Then, Tosh and someone else came up.

"And who is this?" I asked, walking up to Tosh and the figure. I recognised it as a female, but forgot her name.

"This is Angel. Angel, this is Eve." he said, introducing us. I nodded to her. Then I realized, she might not be one of us. What if she saw?I asked myself, terrified.

"I have the power over light. I over-heard you guys talking. Well, now I know the whole story." She had hazel eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. And she knew.

"Tosh, this is Sean. Sean, you know Tosh." They replied with hellos. Then Amber spoke up.

"Eve, this is Tom, Tom, this is Eve. Tosh, this is Tom, Tom, this is Tosh." She introduce me to someone I already knew. It felt weird.

We walked out of the park and into the forest. The beautiful forest. We found a spot and rested for the night. In the morning, we ate apples and other fruits that I made grow. We started walking again about noon. We were heading for the unknown, looking to defeat or gain other elementals. We reached a river that was fairly wide. I, myself, did not know how it got there after the fire. Well, we followed it up. Thats when we saw the house.


Chapter Four:Another Elemental

We walked into the empty house. There was alot of stuff in there. We looked around the house and found what we were looking for, food. We sat down at the small table, which made us crowded. Then the door opened. We all looked at the one who had just entered. No one knew him. We all stared at him.

He was about thirteen. He was pretty short. He was carrying fish.

"Oh, sorry for intruding without asking. We were just....hungry." Angel said. She looked scared.

"Oh, no problem. You guys want some fish?" He asked, like having a group of complete strangers in his house was completely normal. He had a full bag of fish. They were all dead. I shuddered at that thought. I was hungry, but could live off of fruits and vegetables for a long time. But the rest of them, hungry, wanted to eat meat. I guess you could kinda call me the vegatarian.

They cooked the fish and it looked plain, then Amber made it 'flambe' fish. All of us but the newer boy stared at her.

"Amber... Why did you do that?" I asked, then walked outside. I was pretty cold for a summer day. I walked over to the river and looked in. There was ice on the top of the water.

"What the?" I looked around, seeing a male figure reaching into the water.

"Hey! Who are you?" I ran over to him. He seemed faint and out of place. Then, he looked up. I got a nice look at his face. He had semi-long brown hair, was tanned, and was very tall.

"Huh? Oh, my name is Chris. What's up? What are you doing out here?" He sounded like he just came back from surfing.

"Hi, I'm Eve. I just kinda moved out here. I'm looking for food. Do you know why the water is freezing?" I looked down at him, eyebrows raised.

"Oh, I dunno..." he lied, pulling his hand out of the water.

"You're lying. I can tell." I said, realising what he was doing.

"Erm, okay. So I have a power that makes me freeze things, and?" He moved over, looking like Shaggy.

"Okay..." I was about to turn around and walk back to the hut, when I heard a rustling in a bush that was by me. I could tell that it wasn't an animal. I looked over. All I could see was brown hair. I took a closer look. It was a female. When I looked at her, I suddenly felt sad. Tears welled up in my eyes. Then, I began to cry.

Chapter Five: Two More To Add

"So you control ice and you control... Feeling?" I asked them again. The person in the bush was named Lauren and was thirteen. Chris was also thirteen. Lauren had long, brown hair and brown eyes.

"Thats right. I control feelings. I'm very emotional." Lauren smiles at me. I smiled back, being filled with happiness. I was proud that I had made more friends.

"Lauren and I need to, like, go back to the house. We need to do our chores and then other stuff. Later, dude!" With that, both of them left. I turned and walked back to the hut.

Chapter Six: Lets Split Up!

I walked around, searching for wood. It was easy to find in large portions. I raised it up when I found some and broke a peice off, making sure it was good wood. Some of it would be used for fire at night, the rest would be used to make the houses.

We were going to make three more houses. Two people would live in each house. Amber was going to live with Tom, Tosh with Angel, and Sean with I. There would be two rooms to sleep in and one room to hang out in for each room. I had found a great supply of wood.

"EVE! Come here!" It was Sean. He was making the design the houses. I walked over.

"Yeah?" I looked down at the paper he was holding.

"Would you like this as our house? You would get the larger room." He smiled.

"Sure! That looks nice. Thanks." I looked at him, wanting to kiss him. Then I returned to my work.

Once I had found enough wood to make all three houses plus some extra, I went to Lan's house. He has marking the spots where we would make the houses. Amber and Tom started to build them.

"Hey! Need our help?" Chris called, Lauren behind him.

"Sure!" I yelled, waving. They all began to work. The houses were done by nightfall.


Is it good?

I am the writer of this point of veiw, and the farthest so far!

The story is hard to write. Think about it....


Eve's email is Contact her if you are interested in being in the story or if you want to coment her story!

If you would like to be in the story, contact Eve!

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